Week 10: “Conversation piece with Carlos Villa” project

This week, artist/students will bring work (maximum of 3 works) that tells a story in conversation with Carlos Villa’s work and art practice.

Carlos Villa had a wide range of art practice- from abstract painting, mixed media, sculpture, installation, performance, community-based projects or social practice as well as organizing symposia and lectures series and art teaching. The concept of the activity is to present your work along with a work by Carlos Villa- for instance showing an abstract painting along with Carlos Villa’s painting and comparing the similarities or even dissimilarities in terms of style, content, and/or issues each work is addressing.

You can bring an actual artwork such as painting, photographs, small sculpture, or even render an impromptu performance in the class. You can also bring in electronic files of your work, in .jpg format that will be sent to Thea (ttagle@sfai.edu) before class. If you have organized (or have participated) in a community-based project or curated an exhibition, you can make a presentation using powerpoint and website links. The presentation should be atleast 5 mins to 7 mins long but if you are presenting a video or film, you can make short segments or clips of your work (10 to 15 mins ). We will also have an open critique and discussion after each presentation.

In Carlos Villa’s critique class in 2009, before students presented their work, he always asked us these questions- “For whom ?” and “what for?”—that you should also consider when selecting your art works and preparing your presentation.

  1. “For whom?” What is the work all about? Is the work intended for oneself, for the society (immediate environment, current social issues or concerns) or history (like paying homage to your past or investigating historical past that have been largely forgotten)?
  2. “What for?” What is the intention of the work that is relevant to the artist, in response to his/her immediate environment? what was the rationale of the artist? or what triggers the artist in making such a work in that particular   moment?
  1. Are there any similarities regarding your work presented and Carlos Villa’s, in terms of concerns and issues that he addressed in his individual practice; his curatorial projects; in the symposia that he organized; or in his teaching? Is yes, why? If not, why?

Below you will be able to see three conversation pieces by Jevijoe Vitug that will give you an idea for the project. 

Jevijoe with Carlos 2

Jevijoe with Carlos

Jevijoe with Carlos 3

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