Week 11: Group Final Project Planning

Hi everyone,

Thanks to all who shared their work on Tuesday, I look forward to hearing about the rest of your work next week!

For the final project, we need to decide what the nature of the BFA/BA finals will be. There are a couple of options:

1. Each person does an individual creative project created before final show that you will propose to Thea and Jevi by week 12 for approval.

2. One ore more groups of students will produce a collaborative artwork created before final show, again proposed by week 12.

3. One or more groups of students will produce a collaborative piece at a final event, with the participation of the public (to consist of community group/s, other artists at SFAI or elsewhere, general public, and/or another group of your choice).

Let’s get this conversation going! What are people thinking of doing?

6 thoughts on “Week 11: Group Final Project Planning

  1. Personally, just for me, I prefer doing a project on my own. However, I am pretty open to the idea of collaborating with someone or having the show involve collaborations.

    I am assuming these options are just things that could be a possibility for our projects. Because if so, then a mix of all these options for the show could be good? Someone can feel free to disagree because I tend to have a hard time imagining things that haven’t happened yet.

    – Terence.


  2. As i mentioned in class i want to paint a mural in larger scale of the painting i showed in class.

    If not I’d opt for individual projects and a group show. I have to collaborate for another class project and it has probably been the worst assignment I’ve had to deal with. I think this is in part due to my artistic approach being in sharp contrast to my peers at this school, and also partly due to negative experiences in collaborative art projects. I just feel like I usually do more work and get less credit when partnering up. Honestly, if i worked well with others I’d probably be in a band, and never would’ve realized i was a painter.

    That said, I’d be interested in formulating a theme for a project or show as a group. And I’d be interested in collaboration in non art practices such as service learning, or something community oriented.

    Ben J.


  3. I work well by my self or in a group. So having collaborations could be a good idea for people that want to do that. I do think having a theme would be a good idea. I don’t know what I really want to do yet but I think I might end up doing something individually.


  4. I would love to either collaborate or do individual projects. Christian and I were talking a little bit about doing a collaboration since we both are printmakers, but I am down for anything! I think it would be amazing to have a group show in honor of Carlos. I am sure there are other people in the community who were very close to him that would love to contribute to the show as well. I like Ben’s idea of having a theme for the show besides just loosely inspired by Carlos. Making it a little more specific sounds more compelling. I also think Ben’s idea for a mural is really rad and if there could be a space where there’s a gallery for the group show and then an outside wall space for a carlos mural. Luggage store might be a good spot for this since it’s new space is on market and they’re old space across the street of market has a mural on it that has been up for a very ling time (it’s just a painting of some lips). We could see if the directors of luggage space (Darryl and Lynda) would be willing to find a mural spot. There’s so many poeple in market st. everyday that the show and mural would get a lot of viewers.

    Hope something can work out! I would even be willing to have the show in the early summer and if everyone else is down for that so we could have more time to work on it and not be super stressed with other finals.



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